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Melissa Rodríguez Ramírez



Melissa Rodríguez Ramírez is an International Relations and Diplomacy Master Student at Shanghai University. She did her studies at the Universidad National of Costa Rica, where she also worked as a teaching assistant. After graduating with B.A. in International Relations and gaining an Honors Scholarship, she studied Chinese Language and Culture at Beijing Language and Culture University (2013-2014).

Melissa has had experience as a researcher for a project of the Central American Institute of Public Administration, ICAP (2017), Fraud Investigator Specialist. (2016) She did an internship for the government of Costa Rica as Ceremony Protocols Officer in the Ministry of the Presidency. (2014 - 2015).  During that period she had the opportunity to assist the summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States CELAC (2015). In addition, she represented Shanghai University at the Forum organized by UNESCO - Dialoghi e Confronti. Rifugiati: Minaccia o Opportunità?, Rome Italy 2017 and acted as a speaker in the international conference Latin-American and China relations (2017)

Currently she is taking part in the new International Student Ambassador of the Global Department Shanghai University, acting in charge of External Affairs and Public Relations.

 Melissa Rodriguez has published an article on Feminism and the Role of Women in Politics in the Shanghai University Editorial, 2018.